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The Cross changed everything

As a believer in Jesus, you have instant access to a whole new life. You have been redeemed from darkness to light. The limitless–knows no bounds–almighty God lives within you. So why do so many children of God walk around powerless and plagued with anxiety?

They don’t know their identity in Christ.

The day you believed on Jesus name, you were forgiven for all of your sins. You were saved from judgement and given eternal life. But what many have failed to embrace is you were also given a brand new life and a brand new identity, in which part of that identity is permanent peace.

You’ve been through the witness protection program. You witnessed Christ as Lord and you now have a new name, new address, new date of birth, new job, and a new position in life. You’re a completely new you; completely transformed, renewed and reinvented.

This means that all of the old life passed away: all of its habits, trauma, past mistakes, darkness, shame and sin was put to death. Condemnation no longer holds any power over you. You were raised into new life in Jesus.

However, many Christians struggle with even accepting they are fully forgiven. They fail to grasp that salvation is a gift, so they seek to earn what God has already given them, missing out on the abundant life before them.

When Jesus breathed out His last breath, we too died–to sin and death. Our sins were forgiven, and when Jesus arose three days later, we rose with Him into new life. Now free from sin and death, we are alive to God. Not only that, but we have become His children; and as children, heirs!

As heirs to a mighty throne, we have incredible destinies set before us in Christ. However many Christians are wandering around without purpose. God made us mighty conquerers by putting us inside of Christ Jesus, and Jesus in us, yet many Christians live powerless lives as victims to their circumstances. They are stuck wrestling dead things when God’s handed them a completely brand new life.

It’s time to realize the fullness of your salvation. It’s time to find out what Jesus’ work on the cross really means for you, and how believing in Jesus gives you access to a brand new life. Destiny awaits you!

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